The Sustainable Business Center is currently home to five tenants that place sustainability at the forefront of their organization's mission. Each tenant uses our space in a distinct way to meet the needs of their unique product or business concept. By embracing sustainability through innovation, our tenants are leading the way in environmentally conscious, successful businesses.

Intellihot Green Technologies

Intellihot produces the nation's first tankless hot water heater. By modifying traditional water heater technology through a state-of-the-art re-circulation system, Intellihot has developed a way to produce hot water in mere seconds. These heaters save energy and are available for residential, commercial or industrial use. Intellihot has won several awards for their work and was recently awarded first place in the Illinois Clean Energy Fund Awards.

Blackburn Sampling, Inc.

Blackburn Sampling, Inc. is committed to providing "a safe and clean environment for future generations" by producing USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) referenced and patented coliwasa samplers and accessories. This offers industrial firms a safe waste-sampling method in our modern chemical environment. Samplers offered by Blackburn Sampling, Inc. included polypropylene coliwasa (core product), ethanol coliwasa, semi-solid waste sampler, anti-static sampler, polypropylene drum thief, and static dissipative polypropylene thief.

Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares brings transparency to the seafood food industry through a membership system that connects consumers in the Midwest with sustainably harvested wild salmon from Southeast Alaska. Members purchase a "share" of the harvest of an independent, small boat, family fisherman in 3-month, 5-month, or 7-month intervals. The shares can include wild Alaskan king salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, keta salmon, ling cod, black cod, pacific cod, spot prawns or halibut in monthly increments of 5, 10, or 15 pounds delivered directly to your door.

Jerry's Mojo

Jerry's Mojo is Galesburg's first and only mobile coffee shop. Jerry's truck is a 100% electric, zero emission vehicle, making his stops around town not only a delicious treat but also an environmentally friendly one. Jerry's menu offers fresh, sustainably sourced, locally roasted coffee, lattes, espresso, mochas, pure fruit smoothies, iced tea, lemonade, and snacks. Follow Jerry on social media to find out where he is parked today.

Arvens Technology, Inc.

Arvens Technology, Inc., provides the only commercial market for Pennycress, a hearty non-food crop ideally suited for conversion to biodiesel or green renewable jet fuel. This winter cover crop can be grown between traditional crop cycles allowing farmers to keep up with food demands while not disturbing the environment and making a profit in their off-season. Pennycress has the potential to produce liquid transportation biofuels while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment, and providing an economic benefit to rural economies.