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en season closing

January 16, 2018


We had a very good chef and kitchen team at the Galesburg restaurant, en season; numbers were trending upwards through the years even though we had reduced the number of days the restaurant was open on the outskirts of the city.  We had a nice following attending cooking classes and appreciated all of those who booked their special events with us.  The Library was a wonderful partner holding book clubs jointly with en season, while our advisory went beyond advising in their support of the efforts we made to demonstrate building energy efficiencies in an old sprawling building along with food alternatives that nourished vs. laden with the challenges of depleted soils, pesticides and gmo’s.


In spite of the wonderful farm to table dinners and nights filled with your favorite local musicians, it wasn’t enough to keep en season’s doors open.  It has been the restaurant’s tradition to close before Christmas each year to wait for the spring harvest, but the hard decision has been made not to re-open again in the spring of 2018.


Thank you to everyone who came through our doors, it was such a pleasure to take the beautiful produce and fruits small local farmers grew to make a meal for you.  We have several former employees, who are well trained in the nuances of good food if you have a spot in your business for one of them